Horse on a Billboard

How’s this for exposure? Nigel Dickson, a photographer, friend and the featured artist here in the gallery last May has had one of the photos he showed here used on a billboard in downtown Toronto. “Checked Horse” will be one of the featured items up for auction in tonight’s SNAP! charity auction in front of a high-powered group of art buyers. Well done Nigel! (BTW, the print up for auction is #3 in a series of 10. Print #2 is here in the gallery… just sayin’.

SNAP Billboard 2012 jt

Chicken Little Was Right!

With more practice doing emulsion transfers, I am getting better at controlling how and where the movement occurs in the image. In this image of an old house beside the highway near Dundalk, I wanted to use movement in the image to make it look like the sky was pushing down on the middle of the house. As Chicken Little said: “The sky is falling!”

I thought it was time to feature my own work…

I have been experimenting with emulsion transfers for over a year now and finally have a large enough selection of finished pieces to put on a decent show. Soooo… this month (Oct 24 – Nov 25) I am the feature artist in the Crimson Feather and I am showing a collection of my new emulsion transfers. This process allows me to put an image onto all kinds of interesting surfaces. In this show are pieces on linen, gessoboard boxes and a couple that are over collages. What I like about the process is the element of randomness it adds to each image with blemishes, tears, wrinkles and movement.

Reunion – July’s show is opening!

I just finished hanging the most recent show in the gallery. REUNION is a group show featuring some of our guest artists from this past year. Work by Adam Colangelo, Alice Vander Vennen, Carmela Casuccio and Laura Kingsbury is featured. I am pleased to have Spirit Tree Cidery joining me in the gallery and providing samples during our Artist’s Reception tomorrow (Sat July 21) and on Sunday (July 22). Cuisine-Art, the area’s premier food event is taking place at the mill this weekend too. Come out, eat, drink and check out the art!

What would Alfred Hitchcock have done?

Birds. I read somewhere that they are the closest living relatives to the dinosaur. Their eyes are cold and calculating. Their legs and feet have the texture of scaly leather. Instead of lips, they haveĀ armorĀ plate. They are the birds and they are now here in the Crimson Feather. Fortunately for me, these are wood carvings!

The Made Of Wood Show is opening at the Alton Mill tomorrow, hosted by Crimson Feather Gallery and the Bartlett Gallery. There are 38 artists in the show and I have the pleasure of showing some of the absolutely astonishing birds created by these artists. My photos do not do these carvings justice – you have to come by and see them for yourself!

We are partners with The Gift Network

I am pleased to announce that Crimson Feather is is now a partner with The Gift Network. The Gift Network is an online gift registry that has partnered with over 100 select stores in the Toronto region. You can shop online to register your gifts or do your shopping in-store. Unique to The Gift Network is the ability to allow purchasers to “chip in” an amount towards more expensive gifts. If you know of someone getting married this spring, have them check out The Gift Network for their gift registry and the Crimson Feather storefront for gifts of art.