Adam Colangelo

Upon completion of his academic studies, Adam found himself with the time to indulge his ever-present desires to get messy and create.  After experimenting with a variety of mediums, Adam focussed his energies on copper. The first scraps of copper were discovered in his Grandfather’s workshop, a place filled with memories and lessons of practical improvisation that bordered on the artistic.


Adam’s work has slowly evolved into a specialized form of flame-coloured copper. The beauty of this medium lies in its highly reflective and reactive properties.  Depending on how the material is treated, an entire spectrum of colours may be revealed.  Adam’s work projects a wonderful play between randomness and order, geometric in shape yet organic in pattern and colour.  He continues to explore his style and abilities one piece at a time, continually striving to discover new ways to view and appreciate the medium.


Adam lives and works in Toronto, Ontario, and has exhibited work throughout Canada, the United States, and Japan.