Yaohua Yan

I pursue the art state that is free and wide. I admire great artists who bring freedom, happiness and enthusiasm to human being. I will be most pleased if my works can bring you beauty and happiness.
To think and speak with emotion is essential to my creation for years. To move and convince audiences with emotion is goal and life of my art creation. To express feelings in landscapes, still lifes, portraits, to pour out my passion for nature, Love and painting in my own way is my basic language of art.
My loose and wet style of painting expresses my unique interpretation of the scenery. My paintings are luminous and I use strong and colorful hues to outlines the different light effects which are crucial to the unity of the painting. The manipulation of shadows also contributes to the integrity of my paintings.My watercolour paintings capture the soul of my subjects with simplicity, passion and elegance; they contain a mystery that attracts the audience into the magic.