Erin Crowley

My name is Erin Crowley, and my company is ACORN Natural Art and Design. ACORN Natural Art and Design creates art inspired by and/or created entirely from nature. I created my own company in 2006, as an extension of successful projects completed in my final year of study at the Ontario College of Art and Design.

At OCAD, I studied in the Material Art and Design department, and majored in Textile Design. I graduated in the spring of 2007 with a Bachelor of Design. My fourth year thesis, explored the possibility of sustainable textile art, and the most important sustainable motive for me, was challenging myself to work with only local materials. As a result, I looked to the Canadian trees in my backyard; birch and cedar. I explored for months about how to transform the natural paper qualities of tree bark, into artistic expressions of sustainable life. As a result, the construction of a collages itself metaphorically rebuilds nature in this time of need. My series of work entitled Code Red continues to rebuild with every collage I make.

In addition to constructing bark collages, I am an abstract painter. My paintings are a direct result of my interest in nature and my education in textile design. I am most significantly motivated by texture, and integrating textile construction techniques into paintings. I often challenge the boundaries of canvas, by deconstructing the surface of one medium and integrating the structure of another. By weaving canvas through canvas in simple tweed patterns, I am seamlessly integrating my inspirations and testing the notion of what a single painting is capable of embodying. Through abstract paintings, I have found my pattern.

My work abstractly plays with perspective. A shift in perception occurs through the viewers proximity to the work. At a distance a piece, is abstract and fluid and often highlighted with glaze, yet up close, leaf imprints cover the entire surface like fossilized incarnations of Canadian plant life. The textural results of leaf imprints exemplify the sensual qualities of Canadian forests, gardens and fields from coast to coast.

I truly enjoy the adventure of creating art. The fast and fluid pace of working with acrylic mediums is always exciting, the challenge of building texture and working with natural materials is continuously motivating, and the joy of creating artwork for families, corporations and individuals is endlessly rewarding. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be an artist

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