Ivano Stocco

Ladders Up and DownIvano aims to create a sense of rawness in his paintings by working loosely and instinctively. He paints with brushes, palette knives, spray paint, collage and elbows. His latest work is a mix of cityscape and figurative art, two traditions he believes should be better friends.

Ivano began to paint professionally in 2005 when he participated in a “fast painting” competition in Spain and won cash. Since then, dozens of contests have awarded him prizes including this year: 2nd Prize at the Cabbagetown Festival of the Arts, Best-of-Show at Guelph’s Art on the Street, and 1st Prize at the Annual Plein Air Painting Contest in Teruel, Spain.

Ivano works out of a studio that used to be a moonshine still in Guelph and, as much as possible, out of an old apartment in Valencia, Spain. As well as an artist, he is a translator, writer, teacher and father.