Jy Chiperzak

e-invite for May 2013From my first box camera, age 10, the camera has been a part of my life. Evolving from a traditional documentary form my images are taking on a more abstract edge… my eyes, my camera in a dervish dance, the dance of life.

My images are an experiment in the peripheral, “captures” in movement, colour, emotive and moody. When the soul dances, gravity ebbs, colours gyre.

I hope to tax people’s ideas of photography and of their vision of the world around them. It’s a “seeing” of the periphery in our fast paced world… flashes of colour and form… the unnoticed out of the focus of our every day.

Bio: For many years the camera was a tool used in context with other creative pursuits… Filmmaker: From the underground feature “Montreal Main” to the National Film Board and CBC Nature of Things. Writer: Books, magazine articles, conservation manuals for rare breeds conservation. Farmer & founder of Rare Breeds Canada, an organization for the conservation of livestock genetic resources. Artist: The shift from camera as documentary tool to expressionist tool. The camera is my paint brush.

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