David Thai

Glass is the medium that best reflects my innermost feelings. When approaching glass in its fluid state, I am deeply moved by the metamorphosis from a molten state to the solidified shape of my design.

As the Italian glass artist Livio Seguso said, glass is “a material that seems to be born out of the sea to live in the air shaped by fire; it fascinates and ignites the imagination.”

On display at Canadian Embassies in Peru, Spain, Algeria and Hungary

Signature Series Bowls

One unique feature of my work is the use of silver foil on the surface of the blown glass. This silver foil is specially ordered from Japan. The design of the Signature Bowl is inspired by the organic shapes of burl wood bowls.

My work has always attempted to balance technique and concept. This new style of work is perfect for my field of specialty because it requires both technique and concept. I am always fine-tuning the techniques used to create new work.


Displayed at G8 and G20 venues.


Whether I am creating a blown glass vessel or a piece of glass sculpture, my focus is on both the creation of a timeless design with a contemporary style and a high level of technical skill. I aim toward creating objects that beautify their surroundings.